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We're looking for a lawyer.

We keep the doors locked now.

Do you walk to school every day?

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I cannot show my teeth. They are in a bad state.


We've got to close the doors.

She shook her head at him.

She has been married to him for two years.

There is no foreign land; it is the traveller only that is foreign.

They held firm to their convictions.

We're going to lunch at 1 o'clock. In other words, in 10 minutes.

I thought you liked everybody.


Kristen acted like a lunatic.


It seems to me that you don't agree.

Young children ought to learn empathy for animals.

Are you sure this is the place?

Santa is staying with his uncle.

That sounds pretty stupid.


She stuck a poster on the wall.

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Can you do some shopping for me?

He stuck to his beliefs and accomplished a difficult task.

If you want to come for a visit, please do.

I can't hide my feelings.

Don't ask questions. Just follow orders.

The cars collided head on.

Sherman felt he was rejected.

I have an appointment to dine with him.

Sarah castrated the calves.

Do people accuse you of being disorganized?

He gave me not less than five thousand yen.

Did Elvis grow up in Boston?

You had better keep your money for a rainy day.

We can't afford any more casualties.

No one was on board the ship.


We want Dion to help Laurence.

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Tammy and Tony bought their grandson a bike for Christmas.


May I try it?

The government tried to suppress all opposition parties.

He's friendly.

I know what you're trying to tell me.

I'd hang the people who did this to me on a meat hook.

That doesn't smell like something I'd want to eat.

It seems I have misplaced your last mail.


I'm just a little woozy.

Bruno's football trophies will be dearer to him than his own children until they earn football trophies of their own, which, by the principles of vicarious parenting, Bruno will consider his. In fact, all of the football trophies Bruno considers his are actually his childrens'.

Why is Boyd scared?


The ideal lexicographer knows simply everything; unfortunately, that's impossible.

Didn't your brother live in this house?

You don't know him like I do.

Do you live in Tokyo?

You must consider your health.


I had breakfast.

Kyle is clearly losing.

Hal and Carsten both have dogs.

I don't ever want to hear that name in this house! Never again!

I stepped aside for him to pass.

I don't really know what the problem is yet.

Are you talking to yourself again?


How do you read the last word on the third line?

I've heard some good things about you.

We should obey the traffic rules.


You know what Vincenzo said about Sylvan, don't you?


Why did we fail?

I'm afraid of them.

I'm really visual.

Thus they decided that I was innocent.

I'm going on vacation next week.

I let Pilar talk.

That costs 30 euros.


I am nothing.


We're trying to impress Jean-Christophe.


I want to buy a dozen donuts.

Marcos has probably retired by now.

Is this your first conference in Paris?

She achieved her purpose.

Sean is barely able to walk anymore.

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I wonder what the average weight of a strawberry is.


Elliott is kind of famous, isn't he?

Why couldn't you sleep last night?

You are a good cook, aren't you?

He can't drive.

Are you ready to tell me what happened?

Would Ben be interested in going with us?

Have you lost the key of your house?

I'm investigating a murder.

Now is the time to clinch the deal.

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I still think we should've stayed home and just watched TV.


Here are some pictures.

The movie wasn't half bad.

Everybody called me Tony in those days.


Everything's gone.


That's how I would do it.


Old people were tricked by the shop assistant.

They elected him mayor by a large majority.

The event made him famous.


They hate raw onions.

Pamela and Ruth were talking quietly in the kitchen a few minutes ago.

I ran as fast as possible, but I was not in time for the last train.

Modern Greek borrowed many words from French.

Don't come so early next time.

I can't stand listening to loud music.

Could you remind me to call my academic advisor at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow?

They have very deep convictions.

African elephants have bigger ears than Asian elephants.

I have labor pains every thirty minutes.

For some reason I couldn't sleep last night.

It's all a big misunderstanding.

That doesn't seem like something Dale would do.

Hughes will need help.

Send Vernon up.

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He stands for both freedom and justice

I lost my watch yesterday.

I have two tickets to a piano concert. Would you like to go with me?

Just sit over there with her.

This land belongs to Meeks.

Veterans need more jobs.

It is better for you to do it now.


Words fly away, the written remains.

I don't want to leave any paper trails.

If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not, then speak to me.

Rodger told Giles not to worry.

He takes the purple pill so he doesn't feel bored.

What time does that restaurant close?

Our wedding anniversary is coming soon.


I think we should wait another half an hour.

We were trying to help you.

How about going out for dinner?

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Ricardo couldn't remember what they'd been talking about.


In silence, she placed her left hand in my right hand.

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Len is looking for a large apartment.


To help maintain the quality of our sentences, it is recommended that you only translate from a non-native language into your native language.


When will the Japanese course start?

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Please have a try.

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Saumya was walking slowly with his head down.

You have a fine beard.

I always expect trouble.


Did you kiss him back?

Dewey's smiling.

Here's where the fun begins.


I don't think Panos needs to worry.


Don't forget your bag.

I know Donal will do whatever you ask.

I thought you had to get up by 7:30.

I've helped many people.

I've never seen a pearl of such magnitude!

Ulysses Grant was a hero.

If you stand on this stool, you can reach the top of the closet.


Glen isn't babbling.

Damn, I was wrong.

She sounded disappointed.

Santa Claus was an Anatolian saint.

This overcoat has lasted me three years.


We talked with the owner of the house.

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Mum, where's Dad?

Travis bought a new pair of ice skates.

Down fell the house a week later.

What are the points of interest here?

You should have accepted his advice.